Cyber Kundalini Yoga Classes

Let's meet on Zoom for Kundalini Yoga classes, in the comfort of your home.

I also organize special workshops during new moons, full moons and other cosmic events such as eclipses, equinoxes ....

For those who do not know the Kundalini Yoga yet, here is some information about it.

It is yoga that has the fastest effects on body and mind.


Some scientists have started to study it closely, as it has incredible mental healing properties on Alzeimer's disease (

Kundalini Yoga is considered by some to be the “original yoga” as it brings together in the corpus of its techniques many forms of yoga.


It is a particularly powerful yoga in its effects, based on a physical practice (with static and dynamic postures) and breathing (with varied and sophisticated techniques).  This yoga integrates relaxation and meditation (chanted with mantra or in silence).

The goals of Kundalini Yoga are multiple:

its practice acts on the circulation of vital energy, called Kundalini by yogis (called Chi in China), which is activated for a better physical and mental balance.


It promotes creative energies on the physical plane by strengthening the immune system and stimulating self-healing systems.


On the psychological level, it provides techniques to regenerate mentally, chase stress, refocus and pacify emotionally.


These goals are achieved by specific work on the physiological and psychological aspects of the being which acts on the chemistry of the blood, the nervous system, the endocrine system and cerebral functions.  

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The sessions are held on Zoom. 

Remember to create a zoom account to participate. 

To your mattresses!  

At home, in a comfortable outfit, you will learn how to increase your oxygen level in the blood in 1 minute, improve your immune system, make your body and your mind stronger, develop your intuition ... to lower your stress instantly, increase your magnetism, your charisma, etc ...

Come connect with the most sacred part of yourself, which will lead you to your destiny.

Sat Nam


Tara Amrit Kaur