Impact Your Audience 
Be You!
When was the last time you were you?
  • How to Impact your Audience?

  • When was the last time you really took the time to think about your communication?

  • What is communication?

  • What do you communicate?

  • Are you using a conscious communication?

  • What words are you using?

  • What body language are you demonstrating?

  • What's your energy when you communicate?


Your Audience is educated, smart, overwhelmed with messages, information, emails, videos and you still send them private messages without asking them permission? And you intend them to read all your emails just because they gave you their  email address once?


Do you know how to impact someone without saying one word?


Impact is an art and a must if you want to make a difference in the worldwide web today.


Time to rethink your communication and


IMPACT your client, your audience, as they deserve to be!

In this program you will discover how to impact  for good


inspire, and be remembered!


  • 40 days

  • 4 group video calls

  • 4 modules of teachings and practice



  • Bonus 1: a slot of  1 hour of private coaching  for  each participant


  • Bonus 2: access to private messaging me along the program

As Womxn, we don't express ourselves the same way as men.

There is a sentivity, a charm, an elegance, an eloquence, a Grace in being a Womxn,  that can not be copied by any man.

It is subtle, it is invisible, it is in your Aura.

During this 40 days group coachig program, you will have the opportunity, to learn techniques that have been hidden from you:

  • How to have more charisma and magnetism

  • How to increase your radiant body

  • How to use your voice without shaking

  • How to Start a video without even having prepared anything

  • How to be your Unique YOU and embracing it

  • How to captivate your audience

  • How to make a memorable speech

  • How to use conscious communication and stop expressing yourself from aplace of fear or from the status quo. 

  • I will teach you the 3 min meditation against your addiction to sabotage yourself!  Because if sometimes you can be a calamity for yourself, this has to end!

Why 40 Days  ?

Because the brain needs 40 days to imprint new habits and drop what's no longer useful for your life.

And you are going to learn to use your brain at its maximum capicity and to increase the neurons velocity so you can create a wording that is expressing you, coming from you, with the energy and impact that you decide.


The brain of a Womxn doesn't work the same way as the brain of a man.


That's why I created this program, so


You can impact the world with your unique Femme's talents.  

Now don't hesitate. Take this program.

The world needs this better version of yourself!

This is an exclusive price for an unprecedent time. You need this teachings.

Sign IN,

Don't wait longer! Invest in Yourself. Stop thinking you have time!

After this training, nothing will be random anymore!

More questions please email me:

See you soon in class,

Virginie vitcz


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