"For a star to be born,

There is one thing that must happen:

A nebula must collapse.
So, collapse.
Fall down.
It is not your destruction.
It's your birth. "


D. Laporte


Imagine ...


What would you do if you transcended your fears?

What is a life coach? What is a transformational coach?


It is the person you contact when you want different results in your personal and/or professional life.


It is not a shrink, not a therapist, not a energetic healer, and not a guru. The only guru in the story is you.


A life coach helps a person to improve certain areas of her or his life by observing, giving exercises and practices to modify the programs that have been recorded by the brain since birth. These exercises and practices will also modify the solutions to certain situations, when those that have been used in the past no longer work.


The whole system of perception is shifted and the results are obvious and fast.


I am a transformation coach and I work on people's fears.

I help them to transcend and transmute them.


I have called my technique "Fearless'ING", Fearless means without fear and ING for Inner Guide is a reference to your Soul.


I help people reconnecting to their spirit, their soul, their intuition and their vital energy, in order to improve their relationships with others, and to themselves, therefore improving their lives.


My goal is to make them the leaders they really are.


That's what I do. And it's also a passion.


I needed a coach myself a few years ago, I couldn't find one that suited me in Paris.


I found my different teachers in the United States and being bilingual in English, I followed their teachings online.


Then I started teaching 6 years ago.


In individual sessions, or in workshops in companies and in a management school.


I create new tools and new programs, mixing the best of everything I have learned.


When a subject fascinates me, I learn everything about it, I literally bathe in it.


I am inspired by Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, Gabrielle Bernstein, Danielle Laporte, Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and recently Catalyst Yogi (teacher in yoga Kundalini, Human Design and Genekeys) with whom I followed intense transformation programs for two years and also by Gurujagat creator of Rama Institute, Rama TV, GuruJagat COllection, Robotic Disaster, Producer of White Sun Music business woman, artist, poet and Kundalini Yoga teacher.


My coaching tools come from the teachings I received from  them all.

The results are as fast as they are spectacular, they catapult my students towards unexpected changes and transformations.


The people who consult me ​​are not my patients or my clients, they are my students. I care about it. I am not a therapist.


I’m a Coach.


My favorite field: fears.


Because I realized that in our society, fear was used as a brake in the development of everyone in many areas.


The fear we all feel can be useful when our life is in danger, but, and you will agree, it rarely happens!


Fear is a real poison on a daily basis when you realize that it slips everywhere and covers itself with other names (worry, anxiety, nervousness, apprehension, concern ...) and that it takes the form of anger, bitterness, impatience, irritability, resentment, frustration, disappointment, revenge ... The list is very long.


I create leaders.


Leaders of their own lives.


Leaders who move the world forward, each in their field, once they have consulted me, because they come out of our meetings, inspired, passionate and full of projects that they put in place.



My first student once said to me:

"When I came to see you, I was lost, I didn't feel good at all. I had no self esteam, no self-confidence. I met you, you spread my wings and now I'm flying! "


You will easily understand the metaphor.


I do not ask my students to write testimonials, we are bound by a confidentiality agreement which is part of the transformation process.This leaves my students all the confidence necessary to discuss with me all subjects and blockages of their lives.


They discover joy and enthusiasm again!! And their full activated potential is the greatest testimony ofsuccess.




Imagine ...


What would you do if you exceeded your fears?


It is no coincidence that you read these words and they resonate with you.


You too are called to become the leader that you are here to be.